Benefit voor brazilian swompers/landsquatters, 10 nov, amsterdam


Bivak Boys (squatters/hiphop)
Shoe Eating Rabbits (punk folk)
Kruel Fakts (punk)
Buiten Gebruik (punk)

19:00h door open
19:30h Food & Info
21:00h Start bands

This benefit is for an anarchist collective in brazil that occupies derelict land in order to live an autonomous and sustainable life. They use ecological architecture and permaculture to meet their basic needs, they are basically swompers 😉

The collective has been organising a campaign around organic and responsible seeds that should be available to all small scale farmers in the south of america. In order to create more independance from evil corporations like monsanto they have been propagating and spreading seeds and info through brazil.

Now they need some money to expand and solidate their facilities to propagate and save seeds, we want to support them in this.

Vrankrijk, spuistraat 216, amsterdam

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